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my charity of the month donations for the newborn/premature ward. culmitative effort. </p>


Pictures of recent projects...

A partlet - from period patterns, German cranach gown pattern, view IX I believe. Lined with 100% cotton, outer layer is blue velveteen (because I couldn't afford cotton velvet lol.
I'm pretty happy with how this turned out, and I made it in a afternoon.

Italian gown, in gold brocade, black velvet arms and placket, with partlet and muslin undergown. quite happy with this stash buster, (everthing was made from fabric I already owned), the second photo shows the gathering in the back.
Isnt quite complete yet, still have to sew down the fur and tweak a few things...

And finally, a doublet, haven't yet finished the waist seam, but pretty pleased with this. It has four spring steel bones, two and front and two at back, and hand sewn eyelets down the front, lined with yellow pin stripe cotton, outer green brocade. This took a good few days work, but I'm very pleased with it. This isn't the under dress it will be worn with, just something period-ish to put on for fitting.


Hope you enjoy...

What I've been up to...

A long silence, but our internet was cut off for a while.
I've been up to many things (pictures to follow in next post). Have recently made a Tudor corset using 22 spring steel bones, wasn't that just *delightful*. Cut fingers and hours of work and thank god the corset was already red brocade, so the blood doesn't show up lol!
Have also made a green brocade Tudor doublet for myself, which I'm very happy with. I also made a one day underdress pattern, which I'm quite happy with and have put cotton lace trim around it to give it a bit more flourish.
On top of this, I'm embroidering something for a friends birthday (she might read this so I wont let too many details out while its still being made, but will post photos when its done.)
Josh has talked me into making him a 16C Spanish rapier doublet, which is just a delightful project, except the kind of doublet he wants I really don't think will suit him, (it highlights a slim waist, which I don't think would flatter his beer belly), However would look very nice with Venetian pants, which I am looking forward to making. The fabric is on layby however and will have to try to pay it off before I do my rapier doublet workshop with Margareta from the SCA innalgaurd gang up here, which is nice.
Anyway... there's my crafty update...
I'm going for a ton of x-rays and blood tests in the next week to try and work out what the problem with my back is before I end up in a wheelchair, After being in pain for so many years, and in more severe pain since I had Rhys last November, I can't wait to find out whats going on, and hopefully find a way to treat it that is more productive then my current available solution - stretching and popping strong painkillers.
So...There's my update. Will post pictures soon of some of my garb projects.

May. 6th, 2012

Two more completed projects, first a poncho for my friends adorable daughter. This took me about a week doing bits here and there, from the same pattern I used to make Rhys', the link can be found in a earlier post -

And I just finished a hood type warm hat for Rhys, as we are going to Canberra for a visit in a couple of days and it is FRIGID this time of year. This is 100% wool, and a very fast easy pattern, especially considering the result. Next time I will fit it more around the neck, but apart from that I'm happy with the result.

Have more projects on the go, and a two more requests for ponchos, for my god son and the brother of the adorable little girl above.
Hope you enjoy.

1 of 20 done in mission cloth nappies

An afternoon of sewing and experimentation has yielded a cloth nappy, using poly/cotton blend for the outer shell, 100% cotton sheeting for the inner shell, and thick cotton sheeting for the pad. All in all a success, though I have made some important discoveries.

1. Sew all velcro, press studs and elastic in before putting on the outer shell - would seem silly any other way, but it is easier to sew it on afterwards, it just doesn't look as neat, and I like neatness.
2. Check the over locker is oiled before using, otherwise it just un-threads itself 6 times before you catch on.
3. Press studs and sewing machines don't mix, next time I'll stop being lazy and sew the press stud tape on by hand.

Other then those details, I'm very happy with the result. I used the Wee Weka free cloth nappy pattern and was very happy with it. It is user friendly, quite straight forward, and easy to customise. It also makes a nappy (using elastic) that will fit Rhys now (5 months) to 18 months old (or there abouts).
Disadvantages - 100% cotton towelling is expensive! $22 dollars a meter, so I bought some cotton towels second hand and used them for the pads. I figure they are going to get the grunt of the wear and tear, and it is much cheaper to replace them that way. However I did use the lovely cotton towelling around the legs, up the back and around the tummy, where rashes tend to develop.

In other news, Have just about finished the poncho for Aurora, the lovely one year old. Will post pictures when it is complete, and I quickly crocheted up a scarf yesterday, out of beautiful soft chunky wool, for my knit for charities group. It could really of used another row, as its a bit small in width, but alas I have run out of that kind of wool, but at least it will be lovely and warm even if it could do with some fattening up.

Signing off...

Internet reconnected!

Finally finally finally the internet is reconnected, which means I can stop posting from my phone - the Android LJ app leaves alot to be desired.
I'm currently working on multiple projects, as usual
1. a single bed blanket for Rhys, in pure wool using the 'new portland square' design. 40 squares down a mere 80 or so to go.
2. A poncho both for my friends 1 year old daughter, and my godson
3. a crocheted boy doll for rhys
4. a scarf for Josh
5. a lap blanket for the lounge room.

And I have to fight tooth and nail to not start any more projects until I finish these! I'm a pattern searching addict, and every time I find something I love I just want to do it, right now! lol.
Photos of the new portland squares will be up soon, they are such a easy pattern, but look just beautiful.

a hat and my gorgeous boy :) not very happy with the ears on this hat, but try try again!</p>


A poncho for Rhys I made using a fantastic free pattern that can be found here -
- check it out!
I like the pattern so much I'm now making one for Aurora, my friends 1 year old daughter, and then one planned for my Godson, who lives in icy tassie :)


a hat I made for my knit for charity group. I quite like it actually :) bear with me, LJ is only letting me upload one picture per post for some reason, more to come....


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quick little project

Couldn't sleep so decided to crochet something. An hour and a half later Rhys' teddy has overalls and I'm finally tired :P
Considering I've never crocheted clothes before and I had no pattern, I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out.

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