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What I've been up to...

A long silence, but our internet was cut off for a while.
I've been up to many things (pictures to follow in next post). Have recently made a Tudor corset using 22 spring steel bones, wasn't that just *delightful*. Cut fingers and hours of work and thank god the corset was already red brocade, so the blood doesn't show up lol!
Have also made a green brocade Tudor doublet for myself, which I'm very happy with. I also made a one day underdress pattern, which I'm quite happy with and have put cotton lace trim around it to give it a bit more flourish.
On top of this, I'm embroidering something for a friends birthday (she might read this so I wont let too many details out while its still being made, but will post photos when its done.)
Josh has talked me into making him a 16C Spanish rapier doublet, which is just a delightful project, except the kind of doublet he wants I really don't think will suit him, (it highlights a slim waist, which I don't think would flatter his beer belly), However would look very nice with Venetian pants, which I am looking forward to making. The fabric is on layby however and will have to try to pay it off before I do my rapier doublet workshop with Margareta from the SCA innalgaurd gang up here, which is nice.
Anyway... there's my crafty update...
I'm going for a ton of x-rays and blood tests in the next week to try and work out what the problem with my back is before I end up in a wheelchair, After being in pain for so many years, and in more severe pain since I had Rhys last November, I can't wait to find out whats going on, and hopefully find a way to treat it that is more productive then my current available solution - stretching and popping strong painkillers.
So...There's my update. Will post pictures soon of some of my garb projects.


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