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1 of 20 done in mission cloth nappies

An afternoon of sewing and experimentation has yielded a cloth nappy, using poly/cotton blend for the outer shell, 100% cotton sheeting for the inner shell, and thick cotton sheeting for the pad. All in all a success, though I have made some important discoveries.

1. Sew all velcro, press studs and elastic in before putting on the outer shell - would seem silly any other way, but it is easier to sew it on afterwards, it just doesn't look as neat, and I like neatness.
2. Check the over locker is oiled before using, otherwise it just un-threads itself 6 times before you catch on.
3. Press studs and sewing machines don't mix, next time I'll stop being lazy and sew the press stud tape on by hand.

Other then those details, I'm very happy with the result. I used the Wee Weka free cloth nappy pattern and was very happy with it. It is user friendly, quite straight forward, and easy to customise. It also makes a nappy (using elastic) that will fit Rhys now (5 months) to 18 months old (or there abouts).
Disadvantages - 100% cotton towelling is expensive! $22 dollars a meter, so I bought some cotton towels second hand and used them for the pads. I figure they are going to get the grunt of the wear and tear, and it is much cheaper to replace them that way. However I did use the lovely cotton towelling around the legs, up the back and around the tummy, where rashes tend to develop.

In other news, Have just about finished the poncho for Aurora, the lovely one year old. Will post pictures when it is complete, and I quickly crocheted up a scarf yesterday, out of beautiful soft chunky wool, for my knit for charities group. It could really of used another row, as its a bit small in width, but alas I have run out of that kind of wool, but at least it will be lovely and warm even if it could do with some fattening up.

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